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Welcome to The American-French Genealogical Society Online Library Branch
This AFGS Online Library Branch is A WORK IN PROGRESS
The AFGS Online Library Branch will take time to complete the different areas.
The AFGS online Library Branch "Research Information" goal is to provide helpfull information for your research
American-French Genealogical Society Research Information
Where did they Come From”

Other research help
Terms - Phrases - Translations
dits About them
dits listing of names
French Accents - how to type them
Surname Variations
Name Abbreviations
Important: If one of the webpages in this AFGS Online Library Branch directs you to a searchable database on our AFGS website for Headstone or Obituries the comment on those pages is no longer valid.
The searchable database page might say that the Headstone pictures or the Obituarys are only available at the AFGS library. This is no longer correct as they are now available on this AFGS Online Library Branch.
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Updated 19 February, 2015

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