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Research Information
“Where did they Come From”
Information presented here with the permission of
Dennis Boudreau
If you (or your family) live(d) in
- Providence or Warren, look for your ancestors in the Lanaudière region of Quebec (Berthier, Joliette and Maskinongé Counties)
- Fall River (check the lower Gaspé, near Kamouraska & Rimouski Counties)
- Holyoke, Springfield, Central Falls, Pawtucket, Taunton and New Bedford (check the lower Richelieu Valley and Southeastern New Brunswick), as the train from Montreal picked up passengers to bring to these important textile & fishing industry centers.
- Woonsocket, West Warwick, Putnam, Southbridge & Worcester [Blackstone corridor] (most of your ancestors are from the Berthier, Joliette, Sorel and Yamaska regions)
- Manchester, NH & Lowell (most migrated there from the Nicolet and Bois-Franc region Megantic, Arthabaska, Wolfe, Compton, Richmond & Drummond Counties] above  Sherbrooke)
- Maine (check the St. John (NB) River Valley and the Beauce Valley)
- Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner (the Acadian Triangle) (most Acadians came from Westmoreland County, New Brunswick)
- Boston & North Shore (Salem, Lynn, Gloucester) your ancestors came from Ile Madame (Arichat, NS; PEI, Yarmouth County, NS) to work in the fisheries.
- Boston & South Shore (most from Tracadie and Antigonish County, NS)
- Waltham (most Acadians came from the Cheticamp, NS and Moncton, NB area to work in the thriving shoe and watch factories)
- Hartford, Waterbury, Bristol (most migrated from upstate Maine & St. John Valley; others from Trois-Rivières)
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Updated 31 January, 2014

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