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Welcome to The American-French Genealogical Society Online Library Branch
This AFGS Online Library Branch is A WORK IN PROGRESS
The Online Library Branch will take time to complete the different areas.
Obituaries and Indexes for Volumes 1 to 50
Obituaries Volumes 1 to 50
How to use these Obituary Books - Select Index for the name you are looking for then Write down the Volume Number and Page Number
Then Select Volume Number you listed from index. When the book displays you can place the book number in the box located in upper left on the screen. Press enter and the book will open to about that page.
If it is not that page just flip left or right to get to the requested page.
Our goal is to provide information online for our AFGS members.
The AFGS Online Library Branch will contain a collection of research information from our AFGS Library.
Obituaries from Newspapers is an ongoing project which was started when the American-French Genealogical Society was organized in 1978.
Volunteers submit newspaper obituaries to AFGS which are collected and placed into Obituaries books. The collection as of now is over 160 volumes. These obituaries are from different parts of the country depending on the volunteer submitting the obituaries. The dates in the books depends on when the Obituary was submitted and when the book was completed.
Obituary Index Database ~ The American-French Genealogical Society obituary project was started in 1987 and continues to this day. Over the years newspaper obituaries were submitted to AFGS by members from the US and Canada. These Obituaries were compiled into Volumes and are available at the AFGS library as a research aid. Currently there are over 150 volumes are in this collection. We would like to thank all the volunteers who over the years have contributed and continue to work on this project.
In the future we are looking to add a searchable database for the Obituaries
Important: Obituaries are only from 1978 to Present Day. They are not in the books by date but only by the date they are added to the collection. If you are looking for an Obituary in the collection you would need to review the index to find what volume that obituary may be in.
Obituaries from Newspapers - only 1978 to Present Day
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Updated 19 February, 2015

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