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Welcome to The American-French Genealogical Society Online Library Branch
This AFGS Online Library Branch is A WORK IN PROGRESS
The AFGS Online Library Branch will take time to complete the different areas.
AFGS Milestone Collection contains a Newspaper collection of Individual and Couples Celebrating a Milestone in their life. 1978 - 1999
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Our goal is to provide information online for our AFGS members.
The AFGS Online Library Branch will contain a collection of research information from our AFGS Library.
Milestone Collection includes information from Newspapers it is no longer being updated project was started when the American-French Genealogical Society was organized in 1978.
Volunteers submitted newspaper Milestone information to AFGS which were collected and placed into Milestone books. The collection as of now is 9 volumes. These articles are from different parts of the country depending on the volunteer submitting the information.
In the future we are looking to add a searchable database for the Milestone Collection
Important: Milestone collection are only from 1978. The project is not active. The information are not in the books by date but only by the date they are added to the collection.
Milestone Collection
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Updated 19 February, 2015

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